Nissan Leaf Going Global

Soon, the Nissan Leaf will be available across the United States. In fact, the Leaf will be available worldwide.

Nissan has plans to make their popular all electric hatchback Leaf available across the globe. Pierre Loing, VP of product planning and zero-emission business at Nissan International, "believes zero-emission vehicles will account for 10 percent of global vehicle sales by 2020."1

Loing also predicts Nissan Leaf will grab "a significant share" of the global market.

Nissan regards Leaf as the first mass-market electric vehicle. 15,000 have already been sold globally since its launch in late 2010. That includes 8000 in the US, 6000 in Japan, 1000 in Europe.

Loing added Nissan has very high ambitions for the Leaf, setting up a factory with maximum annual capacity of 200,000 units. It also plans on establishing a Leaf plant in the UK, which will have an annual capacity of 50,000 units.

Nissan states that owning a Leaf is less expensive over the years than a gas or diesel powered ride. For more information about the Leaf or any other new Nissan vehicles, visit Superior Nissan in Fayetteville.

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