Nissan Sentra Ready For Next Generation

Nissan is making several changes to their cars for next year. One of their oldest and most successful rides, the economical Sentra, is up for a redux.

The Japanese auto maker has been at the drawing board and is ready to show off a variety of refreshers and new models.

There will be a redesigned version for all of the Versa subcompact 4and 5-door models, the Sentra compact sedan, and the Altima midsize coupe, plus there will be a new sedan in the next two years. Nissan is also stating that they will be bringing out some more new models…
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Nissan Leaf Buyers, A Closer Look

What type of person does the 2011 Nissan Leaf EV appeal too? Well, celebrities for one. Bill Nye The Science Guy will be driving one soon. So will Alyssa Milano and Lance Armstrong. But what about non-celebrity types?

A study done by Nissan shows that your average age for a new Leaf driver is 45 years old, many of which are those who already own and share experiences with hybrid or electric cars.

Another important fact to take into account from this research - the average annual income of a Nissan Leaf EV driver is around $125,000.

"We're learning…
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