Experience a Zero-Emission Society at Nissan's "The Planet Zero" Website

The LEAF is just part of it folks. Nissan's ultimate goal is to develop a zero-emission society. It may seem farfetched, but the Japanese automaker doesn't really see any alternative and is hosting more frequent discussions about the utopia. Yet, despite all of Nissan's "talk" of a zero-emission society, many consumers have been left wondering: What exactly does a zero-emission society look like?

To answer that question, Nissan has created "The Planet Zero" interactive website. In classic gaming style, visitors can play around in different "worlds". Only on Planet Zero, the worlds are alternative power sources (i.e., wind and solar). There's also the opportunity to play on some icebergs, before they melt.

The goal of the website is to build greater awareness around environmental issues and why it's so important for individuals and communities to lighten their impact and help preserve the world for future generations. If you're interested in checking out "The Planet Zero" for yourself, visit http://the-planet-zero.com, today. Just be sure, your boss isn't lurking behind you...it's rather easy to get sucked in - even in its unfinished state.

"Through the Renault-Nissan Alliance, we are bringing more than just a new car," says Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO, Nissan, offering further insight into Nissan's ideal zero-emission society. "Creating a zero-emission society will involve mass production, supplying thousands of cars to markets around the world. Collaborating with countries, local governments, electricity providers and many other specialists will be required to help develop the necessary infrastructure to make the whole system work..."1

Interested in learning more about Nissan's many Zero-Emission Society efforts? Stay tuned Superior Nissan, located at 3372 North College Avenue Fayetteville, AR, is dedicated to keeping you informed.

Source: 1 http://www.nissan-zeroemission.com/EN/VISION/

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