Nissan Introduces New Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Nissan Americas

If you're an avid Nissan enthusiast, you've likely read about the Japanese automaker's many philanthropic efforts. In fact, we'd say Nissan is as conscientious about helping people as they are committed to providing drivers with reliable, stylish cars, trucks and SUVs. And, it is with great pride that we introduce to you the new head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Nissan Americas: Ms. Vicki Smith.

As Sr. Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility at Nissan Americas, Ms. Smith will hold the reins on all of the organization's giving and community outreach efforts. For those of you who are maybe less familiar with Nissan's philanthropic initiatives, these include: Nissan Neighbors, Quest for Safety and Snug Kids, among many, many others.

In addition to heading up the Corporate Social and Responsibility department at Nissan Americas, Ms. Smith will take on another complementary role. She will also serve as the Executive Director of the Nissan Foundation committed to giving pro-diversity education programs greater visibility.

"Vicki brings the perfect blend of global corporate knowledge, communication skill and strong community relationships to her new role," says David Reuter, VP Corporate Communications, Nissan Americas. "We're strengthening the alignment of Nissan's philanthropy and community involvement across our operations worldwide, while continuing to meet the needs of individual communities where we have lost that presence - and Vicki's global experience and strengths as a communicator will play an important role in that effort."1

In addition to Ms. Smith's 'global experience', which will undoubtedly benefit Nissan America's philanthropic efforts, she also brings an insider's perspective to the role. She has, in fact, worked at Nissan since 1986. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the company and its philosophy will be an invaluable asset to the Corporate and Social Responsibility and Nissan Foundation teams.

Stay tuned to learn even more about Nissan America's philanthropic efforts and the new initiatives Ms. Smith has in the wings. Superior Nissan located at 3372 North College Avenue Fayetteville, AR, is dedicated to keeping you informed.

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