Nissan Works with City Ventures to Create EV-Ready Homes

Nissan isn't just greening up their vehicle lineup. They're working toward greening up consumers' lifestyles. On August 1, Nissan Americas and City Ventures announced a collaborative effort to pre-wire nearly 200 homes in California to lay the groundwork for electric vehicle chargers.  This is the largest residential, pre-wiring venture of its kind in the U.S.

If you're wondering why Nissan decided to team up with City Ventures rather than another home-building company, it's because,  City Ventures is the  most prominent Californian company dedicated to developing eco-friendly homes in metropolitan areas. Cooperating with Nissan's EV mission, the company has promised to include pre-wired parking spaces or garages in nearly every home in their new development. This will simplify homeowners' lives, should they even want/need to install a Level II electric vehicle charging dock ( recommended for charging the Nissan LEAF EV).

"City Ventures' goal is to provide the most advanced and cost-effective solutions to buying a green home, including offering affordable solar-powered and all-electric homes," explains Herb Gardner, President of Homebuilding, City Ventures. "By pre-wiring multi-family units, homeowners now have a simple, low-cost option to charge their all-electric Nissan LEAF at our all-electric home, and even use the home's solar panels to power their car. They'll never have a gasoline or gas utility bill again, resulting in a win-win for their pocketbooks and the environment."1

City Ventures is pre-wiring select homes in three different developments across the state of California and plans to continue to implement this approach to all new developments, moving forward. Nissan is supporting the initiative by providing necessary technical data and critical information on consumer trends.

Interested in Nissan's other green initiatives? Stay tuned. Superior Nissan, located at 3372 North College Avenue Fayetteville, AR , promises coverage of other eco-friendly initiatives, coming soon..

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