Nissan Pushes for Dramatic Growth in U.S., Canada, and Brazil

In case you didn't know, Nissan is in the midst of an aggressive expansion plan, which requires that they move fast without any missteps. In effort to follow the plan as flawlessly and as effortlessly as possible, the Japanese automaker recently announced the appointment of three new executives to its local Purchasing and Corporate Planning Departments: Rebecca Vest, Eric Nozerie, and Catherine Perez.

Both Nissan's local Purchasing and Corporate Planning Departments are critical…

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City Drivers and Environmentalists Will Dig the Nissan Micra DIG S

Nissan is producing a vehicle environmentalist and city drivers will both be in love with. With its ultra low emissions with the compact hatchback will be available starting in the summer of 2011. It's name, Micra DIG S, suits its micro size and low emissions perfectly.

If you're thinking the Nissan Micra DIG S sounds more like your typical peppy compact car rather than an environmentally-friendly car… keep reading. This out-of-the-box design offers…

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