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City Couples Flock to the New Nissan Cube

The new Nissan Cube is one of the top choices for couples when it comes to charring a vehicle in major cities like Philadelphia, New York and LA. This is by far not surprising.

The Cube had a cult following in Japan's youth market and this was quickly transferred to American audiences. The 2010 Cube 1.8 SL, with a base price of $17,130, is known for its unique look, inside and outside of the car. Teh Cube is rated as one of the most useful compact cars today.

Nissan Cube's bolt-upright windshield, fish tank side windows…
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New 2011 Nissan Cube Attracts Attention

The popular (and unique looking) Nissan Cube continues to attract attention from many customers on car dealership lots. For Nissan's 2011 Cube model, not much has changed - which is a good thing because the Cube has grown in popularity thanks to its affordability and eccentric looks.

the Nissan Cube will keep its... cube like shape for the new 2011 edition. The vehicle will receive some upgrades in the grill and tail light styling, as well as new instrument panels and improvments under the hood.

The 2011 model is Offered in four trim levels - these include 1.8, 1.8…
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