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Nissan Debating on Extending EV Production

The all new Nissan LEAF hasn't hit dealership lots and the car is already sold out of its 2011 model year. Due to the widely successful pre-oder sales, Nissan is thinking about expanding its electric vehicle line up.

This comes after the auto maker announced it had the largest amount of "conquest sales" for the LEAF - a "conquest sale" is when an auto maker sways buyers away from the competition, getting them onto dealership lots to purchase their cars, like the yet to be released LEAF EV.

The automaker's conquest is "almost without comparison" and "few vehicles can…
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New Nissan LEAF Already Sold Out in US

The 2011 Nissan LEAF isn't physically on sale yet within the United States, yet the vehicle is already sold out.

More than 19,000 customers (13,000 in the US and 6,000 in Japan) have reserved a new LEAF so far. Nissan will only produce 12,000 vehicles by March 2011, the LEAF is already sold out for 2010.

The 2011 Nissan LEAF has an electric motor with 107 hp and 206 lb-ft of torque. The LEAF's Power is provided by laminated lithium-ion batteries, which allows the LEAF to travel about 99 miles on a single charge…
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