Pre-Paid Maintenance & Repair Plans from Nissan

What is a pre-paid maintenance plan and what does it cover?

Typically, a pre-paid maintenance plan is just a simple warranty on your car that takes care of the costs of small fixes to your Nissan. Pre-paid maintenance generally takes care of services like oil changes, and tire rotations. Prepaid maintenance plans may not cover all of the maintenance that your car requires. For a list of all maintenance that your car requires, contact us at Superior Nissan.  

One of the big advantages of having a pre-paid maintenance plan is that when you visit the dealership for repairs, you don't have to stay waiting in line. Most prepaid maintenance plans allow for express drop off and pick up. So, you will have less waiting time for your maintenance needs. When you visit Superior Nissan of Fayetteville, you can get your repairs done and be on your way. 

Pre-paid maintenance plans are very cost effective. The average cost of tire rotations and oil changes over the first 30,000 miles is, on average, around $400. Any pre-paid maintenance plan that costs $400 or less will save the owner money as well as time. Some pre-paid maintenance plans may be available that cover longer than 30,000 miles, so you can be covered for mechanical visits and updates in your cars system. Pre-paid maintenance plans are generally very negotiable and often work in conjunction with an existing warranty to cover most of your automotive service costs and liability. Whether you get in an accident or you just need an oil change, you're always safe. 

Pre-paid Repairs

Pre-paid repair plans have the same versatility and benefits of the pre-paid maintenance plan, but cover repairs as opposed to maintenance. What's covered in your pre-paid repair plan? Generally, repairs on the entire vehicle are covered, but sometimes power train parts of your car will only be covered. 

If your have any questions or would like to know more about our pre-paid maintenance plans and pre-paid repair plans, contact us at Superior Nissan of Fayetteville for more details.