Nissan Security Plus in Fayetteville, AR

What is Security Plus®?

Different than other service contract providers, Security+Plus is designed exclusively for Nissan owners and backed by Nissan. Once your factory new vehicle basic limited warranty has expired, Security+Plus offers cost-effective comprehensive protection against a mechanical breakdown. Tailored to suit your personal driving habits and length ownership, Security+Plus coverage is available in three levels. Our finance Department at Superior Nissan is here to help you choose the coverage that’s right for you!

Service you can trust with superior parts and service designed exclusively for your vehicle

  • Genuine Nissan Parts specifically engineered for Nissan vehicles to maximize performance and reliability
  • Advanced diagnostics equipment designated for Nissan keeps your vehicle running at its peak.
  • Factory-trained Technicians ensures the best service possible
  • Nationwide requires at any authorized Nissan dealership

24-hour Emergency roadside assistance

“Sign and Drive” service up to $100 per claim with no deductibles for the services shown to the right, or for dispatch towing services.

Trip interruption

Reimbursement for alternative transportation, meals and lodging when you are 100 miles or more from home.

Car rental Assistance

Reimbursement for actual expenses of substitute transportation up to $35/day to a maximum of five(5) days, and @175 per breakdown.


Reimbursement for towing to the nearest participating Nissan dealer not to exceed $100 per claim.

Customer Assistance

Through the United States at any Nissan dealer or by calling 1-800-NISSAN-1
+Replacement of any part will be made with a new or re-manufactured Genuine Nissan or Nissan-approved replacement part in use at the time of repair. The replacement part may differ from the original part.
+++Should have a mechanical breakdown of a covered component.

Gold preferred

Coverage is so extensive, only few items are not covered: Virtually all major components of your Nissan are covered, except for normal maintenance services and the items listed in the footnote below, providing you with an unpredictable love of exclusionary coverage.

  • Covers over 2,000 components including the engine, transmission, drive axle, brake/interior, and audio/video/navigation components.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance, trip-interruption benefits and 20 different time and mileage options, plus all the coverage of Security+Plus® Silver Preferred and Powertrain Plans.


QualityGuard+Plus® – For a non-Nissan pre-owned vehicle, QualityGuard+Plus®
Vehicle Protection Plans can offer you long-term mechanical protection for the most critical vehicle components during the terms of the service contract.

Nissan QualityGuard+Plus Benefits

Supporting over 72 manufacturers this Nissan service plan (a.k.a. extended

warranty) offers similar benefits when compared to its Nissan Security+Plus counterpart offered on Nissan Vehicles. What does your factory warranty cover? Nissan QualityGuard+Plus for non-Nissan vehicles, offers service plans Supreme, Deluxe and Powertrain which all come with Roadside assistance, Trip Interruption,Towing, Rental Vehicle Coverage, Nationwide Coverage, and Payment-free service.

24-hour Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance

Emergency towing service

  • Your vehicle may be towed put to 25 miles to the nearest Nissan dealership or your destination

Emergency roadside assistance

  • You are covered for emergency road service throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Essential fluids and supplies delivery

  • Includes delivery of gasoline, water, oil, or any supplies necessary to send you on your way. We pay for the delivery, you pay for the cost of the fluids or supplies.

Flat tire assistance

  • We will change your flat tire with your good spare tire.

Emergency battery assistance

  • All of you trucks are capable of jumpstarting your dead battery.

Lockout Service

  • In the event you locked your keys in the car, we will send out a service provider to assist you.

Windshield Repair Protection

  • Front windshield repair of chips and cracks caused by propelled rocks or road hazards debris while driving on public roads, streets and highways
  • Wont increase your vehicle insurance premiums if used
  • At your convenience, repairs can be done at the dealership, your home or office.

Paint-less Dent Repair

Permanently removes door dings and minor dents without harming a vehicles’ factory finish
Specialized hand tools work from behind the damaged panel, so no filters, sanding or pant required
Designed for the automotive industry by auto manufacturing teams
No-hassle and easy to use service

Key/Remote Replacement

In the event your key/remote is locked, stolen, or destroyed, we will pay for a replacement key/remote

Tire and Wheel Protection

Flat tire coverage

You will be reimbursed for the full amount of charges incurred for the repair of flat tires caused by road hazards
Tire replacement Reimbursement is provided should the tire become non-repairable due to impact with a curb.

Wheel/rim protection

Reimbursement provided for expenses arising out of the repair or replacement of wheels rendered unserviceable due to failure of the wheel covered under your contract

Cosmetic wheel repair

We will dispatch service to repair Cosmetic Damage to covered wheels. Coverage applies for damages caused by Road Hazards, or by contact with medians, curbs, parking stops, or other hazards or conditions in the roadway.

Mounting, balancing and taxes

Reimbursement is provided for the cost of mounting and balancing for any tire covered by you agreement. We will absorb the cost of all local and state tax, where applicable, as required as part of covered repair
Whenever you are driving, you’ll enjoy the secure feeling of knowing you are protected by the QualityGuard+Plus Ultimate Platinum Protection Plan.
*Please see your contract for the specific terms and conditions for coverage